Belong Anywhere

Is a report on the connection between social surveillance, visual transparency and culture within the increasing sharing economy. In doing so, I have used visual ethnographic theory and methodology in order to identify a problem, in which, I was to create a solution that would strengthen the concept of Airbnb. View full report.


Photo: Renee Dinitzen

Close to You

Is a report about public visuality and surveillance. Inspired by Sophie Calle, I followed and photographed a friend, with her consent but without her knowledge, for two weeks. I then asked her to view the photographic material and interviewed her about her experiences with it. View full report.


Photo: Mia Irmgard Klit

When Adults Come Out to Play

Is an article for the Danish magazine, The Murmur, discussing adult Live Action Role Play (LARP) in relation to our fundamental human nature to play and how this effects our ability to adjust and survive. In doing so, I have used the research of Dr. Stuart Brown and the National Institute of Play as argumentation and inspiration, as well as consolation in being an adult myself with a undeniable and nostalgic desire to play. View full article.

2013-04-13 11.21.48a

Photo: Mia Irmgard Klit






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